We are a family of five, we have three children, Darla (11) Joshua (9) and Ellie (6). We live in the country on ten acres near the Brazos River Bluffs in Waco, Texas.
    In 2005 we bought our first toy miniature  Australian Shepherd for our daughter's first birthday. We really love how gentle and loyal they are with us and our children. We raise top quality dogs, not just for looks, but also intelligence that are good for therapy, agility or just a good companion pet. Some of our dogs also have the herding instinct.
​    Besides dogs we have a garden and grow most of our produce. We also raise 100% grass fed beef & lamb along with chickens for eggs and broilers for meat. Our broilers and egg layers are pasture raised and fed a non GMO non soy feed. Early Saturday morning we enjoy bringing our farm products, tea, coffee, cookies and muffins to the local Downtown Waco Farmers Market. If you would like to pick up an order of our meat cuts or fresh eggs, click brochure below and send us a email with your order. Thanks for visiting our website and please feel free to call us with any questions.

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Downtown Waco Farmers Market.
A sunset at our land.
Triplets! born right before midnight. 
Darla and Ellie's baby Holland Lop Bunnies. www.lopstolove.com 
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